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"For me, the only things of interest are those linked to the heart."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Nerves Were There

Well the nerves were there, the excitment of the night was in the air. We all had our own way to deal with that, but I know my way was to count to 10 and walk out there with confidence and pose.

I was feeling excitable, delighted, exuberant but still needed to feel that confident within myself..I did my best and i'm happy with that, there will be more contest, more high spirited feelings and im sure the feelings will still be there, but I'm confident that I will only get better with time.

I want to extend a CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners on Tuesday night!! Great job ladies!!

Here is a picture I snapped before the event

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Rachel Kierstrider the exciting theme tonight is Masquarade Ball Theme.I picked the Lady Glamour Gown tonight because of the of the mysteriousness of the dress and with a maquarade ball it's all about being mysterious and having fun til the end of the night, then the unveiling. Hope everyone has fun and enjoys the night!
Skin: Redgraves Jenifer red, Shape SP Sina,Dress Lady Glamour Gold, Shoes: "Diva" Stilettos,Mask: Goddess Black and Gold,Hair: A&A Juliet Lt Brown,Eyes: SP Pretty Ocean